Man arrested by the police after driving without a license for 56 years

A 74 year old German man who had been in a road accident in West Germany last week had been driving for 56 years without a driver’s license.

He was involved in a minor traffic accident in the Hochsauerlandkreis in the state of North Rhine Westphalia last week. The police arrived at the place and asked him to show his driver’s license.

He couldn’t, because he’d never had a driver’s license in his life. The 74 year old admitted to the long arm of the law that for 56 years he had been driving around the roads, but stressed that it was only when it had been strictly necessary.

The man also explained that he’d started driving lessons, but that the course was interrupted because he joined the army. Since then, he’d simply never resumed plans to obtain a driver’s license, admitted the man.

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