Securities Re-arrest Journalist Eskinder Nega, Blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu & 10 Others Today

በወታደር መኪና ይዘዋቸው እየሄዱ ነው ለሽልማት እና ለምስጋና ፕሮግራም የተገኙትን በወታደር ፒካፕ መኪና ጭነው መሳሪያ ደቅነው ወደ ጀሞ ሙዚቃ ቤት የሚገኝ የፖሊስ መምሪያ እየወሰዷቸው ነው ተመስገን ደሳለኝን፣ እስክንድር ነጋን፣ አንዷለም አራጌን፣ ማሀሌት ፋንታሁን፣ በፍቃዱ ዘሀይሉ፣ ወይንሸት ሞላ፣ዘላለም ወርቃገኘሁ፣ አዲስ ጌታነ፣ ይድነቃቸው አዲስ፣ ስንታየሁ ቸኮልን፣ ተፈራ ተስፋይ።  ይዘዋቸው እየሄዱ ነው – Tariku Desalegn Miki

The securities of the Command Post have re-arrested our recently released bloggers and journalists such as journalist Eskinder Nega, Temesgen Dessalegn, our blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu, blogger Mahlet Fantahun, BefeQadu Z. Hailu, blogger Fekadu Mehatemework, politicians Woineshet Molla, Yidenehackew Addis, Sintayehu Chekol and Tefera Tesfaye. 

They were reportedly detained while attending a private “Thank you” ceremony in Jomo, Addis Abeba organised by local residents to thank the recently released politicians to thank them for standing for human rights. 

The cause of the arrest is unknown. They are reportedly being held in Lebu Police station.


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