University sets to produce herbal medicine

ADDIS ABABA – Debre Birhan University announced that it is going to produce herbal drugs that would help to cure various skin diseases in the near future..

A number of researchers have been carrying out researches on various herbs that the society traditionally uses to cure various diseases in all Woredas of Northern Shewa zone, University Ankober Herbal Medicine Preparation and Biodiversity Conservation Project Director Dr. Amare Ayalew told The Ethiopian Herald.
The herbs which are comprised of Eucalyptus Globules, Chamomile, Thyme and Rosemary have also passed successfully the pre-clinical trial , he said.
“Apart from producing herbal medicine in forms of oil, cream and herbal soft, efforts are being exerted in developing additional related drugs for cosmetics.”
The pre-clinical trial that was conducted on lab rats was successful and the clinical trial would take place soon, he noted.
Some 22 researchers of the university have taken training on clinical trial supervision and operations by physicians from the Black Lion Specialized Hospital, he stated.
As to him, the university is working to get Intellectual Property right for the coming herbal medicines and striving to fulfill the prerequisite to produce the drug through publishing researches conducted by its scholars.
After the establishment of Institutional Research Board (IRB), the university would produce drugs that could cure more Ethiopians suffered from skin diseases, Dr. Amare said.
Food and drug administration authority, the ministry of industry and science and technology are also working with the university in bringing notable result of the project, he stressed.
The project has been operating with strong participation of the Ankober Woreda Traditional Healers. “We would work to identify more traditional medicines for scientific experiment in the coming times.”
The university has been performing the project with 4.1 million Birr financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
According to him, the country needs extra effort to tap its herbal medicine potential coordinating traditional healers and pharmacists.
The university has been exerting efforts to become an excellence center in medicinal herbs research and production, Dr. Amare noted.


The Ethiopian Herald


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